Licensed Youth MHFA Courses

Young people often fall victim to unidentified and untreated mental health issues that others assume are just part of growing up. Sometimes they are. Other times, however, there are more serious issues in play that require attention.

Our Youth MHFA Courses are specifically designed to teach you to recognize the difference between ‘growing pains’ and mental health issues in young people. They also provide you with the tools to potentially intervene in productive ways ranging from non-judgemental listening to guiding the young person to more comprehensive professional help.

Youth MHFA Courses: Three Ways to Connect With Young People

Identifying mental health issues in young people is vital if they are to go on to have happy productive lives. Unfortunately, most people are not well versed in the warning signs of mental health issues or in how to deal with those issues once they are identified. Our Youth MHFA Courses can help.

Youth MHFA Mental Health Aware Course

Our Youth MHFA Mental Health Aware Course is a half-day course focused on raising awareness of the mental health issues facing today’s young people. Over the course of three hours, we cover issues such as anxiety and depression and look at how recent events have affected the mental health of millions. We also provide mechanisms that enable you to relate to, rather than to judge, what young people are going through.

Youth MHFA Champion Course

Our Youth MHFA Champion Course is a 1-Day course that takes a more comprehensive look at the mental health issues affecting young people. You learn how to identify signs of trouble or distress, how to address the affected young person effectively, and how to shepherd them toward the appropriate help and support.

Youth MHFA Mental Health First Aider Course

The Youth MHFA Mental Health First Aider Course is a 2-Day course that examines the mental health challenges facing young people in the UK today from various perspectives. The goal is to provide you with the ability to spot trouble and get involved in a way that is both non-threatening and productive. We also teach some simple but effective ways to help young people with chronic mental health issues.