Richie Perera

Managing People in the New Normal – Principles Based On Mental Health and Wellbeing

About the Book

The world of work has changed dramatically. We now live in a world where the use of terms such as “hybrid working” and the “new normal” have become the norm, words hardly uttered in the world of work before the pandemic.

Technology such as Zoom and Teams which now play a crucial and integral part in the way we work was unheard of. The new normal, whatever it is and whatever it will become, brings with it a host of new challenges for organisations and managers.

These challenges are brand new and unique. They have not been explored or studied to establish best practices for the new normal we now work and live in. It has left organisations and managers disorientated.

Whether you are a shareholder, a business owner, a CEO, a manager or the managed, this book outlines new thoughts and principles for managing people in the new normal based on mental health and wellbeing.

New thought and principles that can leverage the human element to shift the thinking and behaviour of organisations. It presents an ideology based on human connection and wellbeing with the power to slingshot the working world into a far better and brighter future

If you work, you must read!

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About the Author

Richie was formerly the founder and CEO of the London Makeup School and the London Hair Academy; his professional career is connected to BBC 1’s Apprentice and highlighted by the Eden Project in Cornwall. The Business Matters Magazine has spotlighted his leadership as a CEO.

Richie has sat as Chair of the Judging Panel at the IBX Awards in Dubai and works as an expert industry consultant for Guidepoint Global. Richie won the highly acclaimed Investors in People Manager of the Year Award in 2018, recognising Richie as a global leader in HR and people management practices.

After being diagnosed with and recovering from mixed depression and anxiety disorder, Richie founded Mental Health and Life, an organisation that delivers mental health first aid courses alongside HR consultancy, race equity, and suicide intervention courses to individuals, organisations, and businesses UK-wide.

Richie regularly writes articles on mental health and people management; his articles have been published by The Industry Leaders and the Employee Experience Magazine. Richie is an executive contributor at Brainz magazine and sits as deputy chair on the Board of Trustees at Unity Theatre in Liverpool.

Richie is a speaker on people management and mental health in the workplace, for speaking events please email

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