post traumatic stress disorder

An MHFA point of view on PTSD – Could we all be affected at a low level?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Generally the first thing when these 4 letters are mentioned we think of war, combat and war veterans. Of course one of the most common causes of PTSD is combat and we hear about its affect on soldiers all the time on the news.

War’s however are fought on many fronts, every day we all battle with our struggles both big and small. The battle for your mental health is a psychological one . We win some of those battles and we lose some of those battles, day in day out.

The ultimate goal however is to win the war and this will take its toll one everyone one of us!

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another routine anxiety attack

Another Routine Anxiety Attack

Poem by our amazing resident blogger Mackenzie Jerks.

Dragging my feet all the way to my bed. I know I need sleep but I’d rather be busy instead. I close my eyes and my vision is red. My body knows what’s coming as my stomach fills with dread. 

Although I never intend for it to be this way, this night will be like all the others. I’ll wish I could vanish as I immerse myself under covers. Even if I keep every light switched on, the shadows of darkness always hover.

Even if I try to hide, I know I’ll always be discovered. Even when I know it’s coming, nothing can serve as a suitable buffer. 

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Did We Just Survive a War? – Life Lessons From Lockdown

As a nation, we are just about to come to what is for most of us a situation that is unprecedented. The lockdown was the closest thing the UK has come to what it would have been like to live in times of war.

No socialising, food running out, unable to see family, people dying, it’s not been pleasant.

During WWII, we had to go to war to save our nation, but this time around all we had to do was sit on our sofa’s, no big deal then?

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A Message From Mental Health to the HR Community – It’s Time!

In 2010 when I had just finished my 3rd year at university and was on my summer holidays waiting to start my masters in September, I founded and launched London Hair and Beauty Ltd.

During the work involved within in my bachelors, I accidentally stumbled up on a niche in the beauty industry I was confident I could flourish in. I based it on my driving lessons, let me explain!

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what is mental health first aid?

What the Health is Mental Health First Aid? – MHFA for Dummies!

Hey you article reader, yes you!

Can you tell me what Mental Health is without reading any further?

When I did my MHFA instructor course this was asked, I had my version (non-Googled one) and everyone else has their versions.

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Mental Health is Still Waiting for its Messiah!

Mental Health is Still Waiting for its Messiah!

Mental health, mental health, mental health!!!

 These days you seem to hear the phrase everywhere, as per my last article, COVID19 has done more to raise the awareness of mental health than any other factor in the last 10yrs!

As the saying goes, better late than never!

If there is a part of the human function that is in its own league when it comes to not being understood, nurtured, discussed and addressed correctly, then Mental Health is the winner by a million miles.

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covid19 - the unlikely ally of mental health

COVID19 – The Unlikely Ally of Mental Health Awareness

Mental health has been for far too long a subject too taboo to discuss.

Ruby Wax quoted this perfectly when she said “How come every organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except the brain?”

This truly is the case and that’s not just an opinion, let’s take a look at the construction industry which has the highest rate of suicide of any profession in the UK, a male dominated industry. This disturbingly coincides with the fact that the highest rate of suicides in the UK are men between 40-50yrs old.

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