Mental Health First Aid England Courses

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Do you have a strong interest in mental health and wish to make a difference in your community? Becoming a mental health first aider can equip you to provide critical support to people who are experiencing emotional distress. Here at Mental Health and Life, we’ll coach you through the necessary steps to becoming a certified mental health first aider and equip you with the information and abilities to assist individuals in need in this comprehensive guide.

What is a Mental Health First Aider?

A mental health first aider is someone who has been trained to help and support people in their first moments of a mental health problem or crisis. They are trained in skills to recognise the signs and symptoms of poor mental health and trained listen without making judgements, and point people in the right direction for professional help and support

Like physical first aid, mental health first aid gives initial support to people until they can access professional help. Mental health first aiders are not mental health professionals or therapists. Instead, they are people who have gone through a certified training programme to learn more about mental health issues, the sign and symptoms and how to help.

A mental health first aider can do the following

1. Recognising Signs and Symptoms: Recognising multiple and the most common signs and symptoms of mental health issues like anxiety, depression, self-harm, or drug abuse.

2. Giving Support: giving initial help and encouragement to people who are experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing. This includes active listening skills, showing understanding, and maintaining confidentially.

3. Signposting and Referral: Signposting to professional help and resources, such as mental health centers, helplines, or community support services.

4. Reducing Stigma: Getting people in communities and workplaces to understand, accept, and stop being ashamed of mental health issues and normalizing conversations

5. Self-Care and Well-Being: Using self-care strategies to keep their own health in good shape while helping others and maintain the best version of themselves.

2. Training and Certification Process: – An overview of the mental health first aid training programme can be found on our website at Mental Health and Life including information on the certification procedure, course duration and assessment process.

3. Key Skills and Knowledge: – Possess the required skills for providing effective mental health first aid and being  familiar with prevalent mental health illnesses, their symptoms, and risk factors that are associated.

4. Providing Assistance: – Skilled in actively listening and communicating empathically and have a good grasp on the techniques for approaching and assisting people in crisis circumstances.

5. Mental Health First Aiders’ Own Self-Care – Possess significant knowledge of self-care and personal well-being while supporting others and knowledgeable on dealing with stress and avoiding burnout.

6. Making a Difference: – Nomarlising conversations around mental health and how MHFA’s have benefited individuals and communities. How MHFA impacts society and how it helps in fostering a more empathetic and supportive society.

By becoming a mental health first aider, you can play an important part in assisting persons experiencing poor mental health, promoting early intervention, and breaking down mental health stigma. By training as a MHFA with us at Mental Health and life, you will be taking the first step towards making a difference now by joining the ranks of compassionate people committed to improving mental health through mental health first aider training.