Imagine this:

It’s a normal day at work, but one of your coworkers seems a little strange. They don’t talk much, miss deadlines, and may have trouble doing simple jobs. You can tell there’s something wrong, but you don’t know what or how to talk to them about it.

Does this sound familiar?

Now imagine a different scenario:

Self-paced Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses have been bought because your company is busy and not everyone has time to sit in on a course for a day or two. Now, that same situation doesn’t seem so scary. Your employees know how to spot the early signs of mental health problems and how to talk to their coworkers in a kind way.

That’s the power of adding MHFA to your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)!

EAP + MHFA = Gold in the Workplace!

Most businesses have EAPs these days, but how many can say for sure that they’re using them to their fullest potential? MHFA training could be the secret factor your EAP is missing when it comes to mental health and well-being at work.

You did read that correctly!

MHFA training might be the magic dust that takes your EAP from “good” to “unforgettably great.” It’s the “aha!” moment that turns your company from an EAP ship sailing in the dark into a well-oiled, proactive mental health-promoting machine.

Why Do MHFA Courses?

Why, you ask? Because MHFA training isn’t just about learning facts; it’s also about creating a place where mental health is taken seriously, where people feel safe talking about their struggles, and where getting the right help isn’t just a dream but a reality.

Imagine making a world in which everyone knows how to help people with their mental health. This isn’t just any old workplace; it’s a caring, helpful, and understanding place that encourages openness, breaks down stigma, and makes sure everyone knows they’re not alone.
Now, wouldn’t you want to work somewhere like that?

The Power of Learning at Your Own Pace

What makes our MHFA training that you can take at your own pace even better? They fit right into the busy schedules of your workers. You can’t say “I don’t have time” anymore.

Employees can learn at their own pace, whether that’s on a Sunday afternoon or during their lunch break. It’s about giving staff the tools they need to help their coworkers and take care of their own mental health needs at the same time.

Adding our self-paced MHFA classes to your EAP is not just an addition; it’s an upgrade. It’s a must-have plugin that speeds up your EAP and makes it more available, useful, and open to everyone. Not just a pat on the back, but a hard hand on the shoulder that says, “We’re here for you.”

Let’s get started. EAPs are great, but they can be even better with MHFA training. It’s time to take your EAP to the next level, whether you’re the CEO of a big, busy company or the founder of a new business.

Let’s make workplaces where mental health is not an afterthought but a top concern. Let’s get rid of the hurdles that shame and silence put up. Let’s put some stardust on our EAPs and see how brightly they shine.

Check out our certified Self-paced e-Learning and Mental First Aid Courses here and add them to your EAP.