What is Meant by Mental Health?

A lot of people are talking about mental health these days, which is obviously a very good thing, but there are still many others who are not even sure what is meant by mental health. What exactly do we mean when we use this term and why is it so important? If you would like to find out the answers to these and other related questions, please read on.

What Exactly Is Meant by Mental Health?

Most of us are very familiar with the terminology surrounding physical health in the 21st century but when it comes to mental health, many of us are not even sure exactly what the term really means and how it relates to us. There are 3 main components to mental health:

  • Emotional Well-being – This area of mental health deals mainly with our personal perceptions of satisfaction and happiness: how we really feel about the lives that we lead.
  • Psychological Wellbeing – When mental health professionals talk about psychological well-being, they are referring to a model of well-being that covers personal growth, self-acceptance, autonomy, life purpose, environmental mastery and positive relations with others.
  • Social Wellbeing – Social well-being dives deeper into our relations with others, covering social acceptance, actualisation, contribution and integration.

If we have good emotional, psychological and social well-being, we are likely to experience feelings of happiness and contentment in our daily lives. If, however, we have deficiencies in any of these key areas, we may find ourselves trying to cope with thoughts, emotions and feelings that are difficult to control.

Why Is Mental Health So Important?

Mental health issues are one of the leading causes of long-term disabilities in the world today. With this in mind, it is vital for all of us to become more aware of the mental health challenges that exist and how they can be overcome. Whether you face these challenges yourself in the future or you have to help a family member or friend to deal with them, you’ll find it much easier if you are well prepared.

At Mental Health & Life, we are committed to helping people all over the United Kingdom learn everything they need to know about their own mental well-being and how to help other people with theirs. Call or message us now if you would like details of the courses that we offer for individual and corporate clients in the UK.