sick of seeing sad

Sick Of Seeing Sad, by Mackenzie Jerks

Any chance my eyes get to glance I see sadness despite the gazes’ direction.

All this parasitic pain poisoning the world and all anybody wants is genuine love and affection.

Sadness evolves to anger swiftly; that’s energy evolving with hateful misdirection and a smile corresponding with mental clarity is a common misconception. 

Guilt infects my mind if my mental health gets better. I stand solo in a slice of serenity, while my neighbour’s smothered in dark and rainy weather.

I know it shouldn’t be my priority to fix the heart beating inside another person. But I also know about the voice inside that’s so desperately trying to convert them.

Trying to make it seem like all love does is desert them. I want to bring the dark into the light and expose exactly what hurts them.  

Show them that in light, darkness simply can’t exist.

But for some reason when there’s light reaching out, a dark voice degrades until we resist. Show them that in light, the darkness can be exposed as a liar.

But for some reason our deepest fear is envisioning the best version of ourselves with all the joy we could ever desire.

Last week I read an alert at two a.m., my eyes tired and sore.

As I started reading the water in my eyes went from raindrops to a downpour. A girl ten years old, took her own life, her limp body washed up on shore. She left a note for her mom saying, “sorry, I just can’t do this anymore.” 

Ten years on earth should be filled with life and a smile bright. Not debating what to write right before you disappear forever with the shadows of the night.

Knowing kids are feeling this way before high school left a knot in my stomach heavy and tight. No parent should be forced to bury their own child. And no kid should be denied help, even if symptoms are considered mild. 

Just a few days ago my best friend tried to O.D.  Every time I look him in the eyes I see fragments of the old me.

I saw him a week ago, but still can’t recall the last thing he told me. I’m sick of losing people I love to the same demons that used to control me. 

Scratch that, I’m sick of losing anyone to a disease that leads to a person taking their life every forty seconds.

I’m sick of mental health being something that’s skimmed over like it’s not a deadly weapon. Something that only takes the spotlight if it takes a Hollywood legend.

Something that’s ignored like it’s not infecting the present. 

There’s so many young souls that need to trust that everything will be okay. That paying for a smile with your soul is too high a price to pay. They need to hear that it’s possible to shine as bright as a sun’s ray.

That if love is all you choose to listen to, love is what you’ll say. And there’s always a version of you at peace waiting to emerge today. 

The forces of love are the forces most powerful.

But with the second most influence are the forces most vile.

I think the world underestimates the effect of a welcoming smile. I know some days feel like walking through hell with your feet on fire mile after mile.

I know what it feels like to have your morals put on trial. I know what it’s like to not feel anything for what seems like a while.

But I also know it only takes one beam of light to break through the darkness to change your entire lifestyle. 

Another beautiful poem by our guest blogger from the USA Hats of to Mackenzie Jerks on this one!

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