• Supervising First Aid For Mental Health Level 3 Course (2 Day)

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  • Let’s Mentally Flourish!

    We can advise on how Mental Health First Aid can be implemented at all levels within in your organisation. How it can be integrated with any existing HR, wellbeing and mental health policies enabling your place of work to flourish!

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  • Adult MHFA First Aid Course (2day)

    This 2 day course qualifies you as a Mental Health First Aider.

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Mental Health First Aid Courses

Our Mental Health First Aid Courses are training programs that trains people how to help someone developing or experiencing a mental health problem. It trains a person how to have a supportive conversation and how to signpost to professional help.

It also trains people how to look after their own mental health and wellbeing.

We deliver fully accredited and licensed online and classroom based Mental Health First Aid and First Aid At Work courses to individuals, organisations and businesses UK wide.

How come every organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except the brain? – Ruby Wax

Accredited E-Learning

Self Paced First Aid For Mental Health Courses

At Mental Health and Life, we offer an array of fully accredited MHFA E-learning self-paced courses that enable you to identify mental health issues and provide you with the tools necessary to intervene, if necessary, in a safe and productive fashion. Our list of self-paced courses is expanding all the time and is designed for those who are unable, for whatever reason, to adhere to a rigid course structure.


Why Train With Us?

Our Vision is to make Mental Health a subject that is spoken about as freely as the common cold, in every household, every school and workplace.

Our mission is to raise awareness of Mental Health First Aid and that Mental Health & Life go hand in hand!

First Aid At Work

We Deliver Ofqual & FAA First Aid At Work Level 3 Courses Along With Our MHFA Courses.  Stay Compliant Using One Provider. Simple!


We Aim Deliver Free Mental Health First Aid Courses to undeserved parts of our community in the UK and Fund a 24hr MHFA Crisis Line

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MHFA England is the Only Provider of Licensed Mental Health First Aid Courses in England. NUCO Provide Accredited Qualifications in First Aid For Mental Health.

Co - Teaching & Marketing Hub

Hub for MHFA & First Aid  Instructors to Market & Fill Open Course Dates & Find Co-Teaching Opportunities

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Choice For Businesses

 Simple Cost Effective Packages for Groups & Individuals. Choose Between MHFA England & NUCO First Aid For Mental Health Courses.

Organisations We Have Trained

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Our Core Values

Spreading Awareness

To spread awareness of how Mental Health effects all of us & to provide world class support & training, equipping everyone to be champions for Mental Health First Aid.

Spreading Fearlessness

To make everyone be fearless in recognising & confronting Mental Health issues, both within themselves & others, acting upon it to get the help & support they deserve.

Breaking Down Taboos

To make Mental Health issues a topic of conversation for all genders, ages and cultures, breaking down the barriers that prevent people from talking about it

Mental Health and Life

To raise awareness on how Mental Health is linked to a person’s general well-being, life choices & experiences. How Mental Health is impacted by trauma & stress, diet, exercise, alcohol, drug use and to signpost a person towards professional help and wellbeing


Mental health issues sap society of its vitality by standing in the way of human potential. The unfortunate reality is that countless people in the UK have their lives undermined by mental health issues that go undiagnosed and untreated. 

Mental Health and Life came about as a way to address those underserved by the current mental health infrastructure, to give them the means to regain control of their lives, and to benefit society as a whole by way of the Mental Health First Aid Course and other vehicles.

There is no magic wand one can wave to alleviate mental health issues in our society. It is a problem that must be addressed one individual at a time. At Mental Health and Life we are committed to helping those individuals, whoever they may be. 

Antiquated notions of dealing with mental health issues, such as exhibiting a stiff upper lip, simply aren’t good enough anymore. Real answers are needed. As such, we offer an array of courses for addressing and overcoming real-world mental health challenges.

Some of our courses train people to offer productive assistance to those in need. While others provide individuals experiencing mental health issues a way to better understand their situation, while also providing them with the tools they need to cope.

By expanding awareness of mental health issues and providing the means for people to effectively deal with their condition we hope to contribute to a healthier, more fully realised society.

Featured Mental Health First Aider Training Courses

Youth MHFA Champion Course

This is a 1-day course designed to help young people understand common mental health issues facing them and their peers, how to spot the warning signs of those issues, and how to help those in distress find the support they need.

This Mental Health First Aid Course is divided into two sessions that together provide a comprehensive overview of common mental health issues facing young people. Topics covered include stigma and discrimination facing young people with mental health issues, depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, recovery and more. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be certified as a Youth MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) Champion.

This is but a tiny sampling of the dozens of MHFA, NUCO and other courses we offer individuals and businesses. See our full list of courses here.

online mental health first aid courses

Armed Forces MHFA Mental Health Aware Course

Members of the Armed Forces are often subjected to experiences the rest of us can barely imagine. Many return to civilian life mentally and emotionally scarred by these experiences but with few places they can turn to for help and few sympathetic ears in the wider community.

This half-day Mental Health First Aid Course is designed to address the mental health needs of members and former members of the Armed Forces, and to provide others with the means to support those in distress. You will examine common mental health issues affecting modern warriors, the stigma faced by many returning from conflict zones and how to monitor your own mental health and wellness.

classroom based mental health first aid courses

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Mental Health First Aid Courses – more information

Every company in the UK must ensure that its employees are provided with first aid from qualified personnel if it is ever needed during their time at work. However, this first aid is limited to dealing solely with medical conditions that affect the physical body: there are no laws requiring companies to offer mental health first aid and as a consequence, very few do.

A similar situation exists in most households around the country. Many people keep a small first aid kit in their home: plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes etc. but when it comes to mental health, they make no preparations. We are working hard to change this situation by providing mental health first aid courses led by qualified instructors that are accessible to corporate clients and individual clients alike.

All of our mental health first aid courses are delivered by fully qualified and experienced instructors who have an in-depth knowledge of mental health first aid techniques and practices. Whether you would like to educate yourself so you can help other members of your family or you are looking for a way to raise the awareness of your workforce as far as mental health first aid is concerned, you will find that our courses meet all your needs.

Each course is structured in such a way as to make it easy for participants to familiarise themselves with mental health warning signs and the appropriate action to take when a mental health emergency is encountered, either in the workplace or at home.

Although there is no current legal obligation for employers to provide mental health first aid, this is likely to change in the future and, even now, it is wise to ensure that at least basic first aid is provided for mental health emergencies.

The law states that companies in the UK have a duty of care as far as the health, safety and welfare of their employees are concerned. By organising mental health first aid courses, you can help to keep your entire workforce safer.